Wednesday, 27 August 2008


We can have a Zero Waste and YES even a Zero-Net Energy Sociate Now if we only follow a few simple rules.
For a Zero Waste Sociate we must follow the Rules of Reduce, Repair, Recycly and Reuse, if the products can't put into one of the above , then they must be redesigned to be ably to be Repaired, Reused or Recycled.
We must cut down o the materials used in the manufacter, and in the Packaging of all products sold.
No longer should we use the words Waste, Rubbish, even words like Landfill and Incinerators should be words of the PAST.!!
Your Waste is now a Valuable Resource, Recycling Waste and Reducing Emissions and protecting our children's FUTURE should be our main GOAL.
A Zero-net ENERGY Property, is one that is CAPABLE of Producing an annual Output of Renewable ENERGY, or MORE than the Energy that is Purchased, on a annual bases.
Energy that can be supplied in a Sustainable maner, which minimized, the production of Green house GASES, and creating a Healther and Greener Communites

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