Sunday, 24 August 2008


Commercial buildings available by 2025!!! in the USA !
Efforts to focus on the development of marketable Zero-net Energy Commercial Properties that use advanced efficiency Technologies to offsite their Energy use from the Electriciaty Grid by 2025.
The needed transformation of the building environment, lower carban footprint in buildings and accelerated commercial development of clean, efficient building technologies.
New businesses that will lead the way foreward, focusing on Energy, Transpotation, Alternative Fuels, Green building Technologies, Pollation control and Resourse Managment.
New buildings capable of generating as much Energy as they Consume avalable by 2025!!
Energy Generation can be achived through advanced energy efficency technologies and on site Generable energy Generating systems.
In fact you can see this in operaton projects right now in the USA and yes even in the UK.
if we follow this strategy and combin it with a Zero Waste policy think of the amount we could help lower our CARBON FOOTPRINT.

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John Powell, said...

We also have the advanced efficiency
technologie to cut down on traveling,
and therefore using less oil and fuels. Let all use our computers as they should be used, by using video platforms, to send video emails and video meetings, face to face meetings without, using, boats, planes,cars,trains, without leaving our homes or offices, cutting down on global warming. Good luck with this blog.

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