Sunday, 24 August 2008

Zero Waste A Reality

All councils, Governments around the WORLD, should work togeather to end the need for both Landfill sites and Incineration Plants, for the good of the local Environment and its local communities.
All they need is the right attitude, A desire to Achieve, The Courage to take action to achieve all goals and targets set under the KYOTO Agreement.
Landfills and Incineration combined with Recycling/Composting cannot work as part of the Transition to a ZERO WASTE Society.
Incineration and Landfill are an Expensive Policy and uses Polluting technology, which needs guaranteed large amounts of waste to payback the Huge Financial Investments and so would commit us to at least 25-30 Years of Incinerating Waste , with all the NEGATIVE HEALTH and ENVIRONMENTAL Consequences.
By using the Incineration and even the Landfill Policies we MISS the OPPORTUNITY for this Country to take advantage of Valuable Markets in the Recycling Market !! and Eco -Design of all Products and help cut down on the Carbon Footprint of these old out of date Policies.
We need to PROMOTE a Zero Waste and even a Zero-Net Energy Policy, and get all Landfill and Incinerators Projects stopped, on the grounds of that they are a waste of Taxpayers money, Resources, Unsightly and a possibly danger to HEALTH!!!
We need all to work together in the local commounity and the rest of the world to see the Imptementation in the of a Zero Waste and Zero-Net Energy Strategy.. Now before its to late to save the Environment and Planet for our Children.

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