Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Transition Community, Sustanable Projects

In the Future, due to Climate Change, We need to have Communities that have a low Carbon Footprint, and a sustainable Economy.
We must find ways to develop, Energy,Transport systems that have a very low Carbon Footprint, that does not harm, the Environment or our Health.
Greener, Safer, Healthy commounities, were there are no Landfill sites ,or Incinerater Plants, that only waste resourches.
We must develop alternative systems, that does not depend on Oil or Gas from other Countries.
Communities that are supportive of local busineses , local growers and farmers markets etc.
Working local, but with Global Aims.

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John Powell, said...

JohnD. Right on, keep up the good work. Come over to my new blog and write a Guest Blog Post, that way more people will see your blog or
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I hope this is of help to your good work.